AnyWeather TrucksBecause a big part of our business has to do with roofing, in order to accommodate our customers and provide quality roofing services, we created a company called AnyWeather Roofing. This company is a division of Griffin Contracting & Restoration, and provides the same quality service as

All of our roofing work is done through this division of our company, and we have been able to run this company with the same integrity as GCR, the integrity that many companies have lost in the roofing industry. Also, because AnyWeather Roofing is located in the same office building, it makes it easier for us to coordinate with GCR on the restoration work being done and in checking to assure it is being done properly and in a timely manner.

To learn more about our roofing division and how it is different from others, please go to the

AnyWeather Roofing website at:



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