Restoration of Storm Damage in Cincinnati, OH

When you suffer storm damage to your home, in most instances you are going to need immediate assistance. The first thing that needs to be addressed is your safety. Griffin Contracting has 24/7 phone service with a live person to answer your calls. We can send someone to your home immediately to assess whatever damage has been done and how to keep further damage from occurring.emergency_service

We can provide emergency roof tarps to your roof or board up windows and doors to secure your home and protect it from the elements or from intruders.

Griffin has weathered many storms, and we have learned that when these things happen, it’s all about taking care of people, first and foremost. We have worked with families from Birmingham, Alabama to California, Kentucky. When dealing with disasters, there are always going to be things that are just dealt with on a different level.

storm-disaster-restorationOnce your home is assessed and secured, the reconstruction process begins; meeting with the adjuster, drawing up a scope for the necessary work, and then contracting the company you choose to begin the work. Be assured that if that company is Griffin, we will work closely with you and the insurance company to get the best restoration job for you and put your house back to its original condition.

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